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Outdoor Wedding Party Gazebo Tent
White Outdoor Wedding Party Gazebo Tent

High peak design, elegant appearance;No exterior guy ropes or staking required

10X30 Clear Wedding Tent
10X30 Clear Wedding Tent With Lighting

10x30 clear wedding tent with lighting give us a romantic, stylish and special atmosphere

Tents For Events
Customed Tents For Events

Customized event tent service includes the tent design and material can be changed to meet clients’ needs. Customized tents for event, exhibition, party, sport or personal use can give clients a unique using experience

Outdoor Tents For Parties
Outside Waterproof Garden Party Tents

You can also count on us to have good furniture, like tables & chairs, and other accessories such as lights, sounds, etc for your Outside Party Tents. We provide one-stop purchase.

Double Decker  Exhibition Tent
Double Decker Car Show Exhibition Tent


Available sizes:

Clear span available from 10m to 40m.

Length: adjustable by 5m unit.

Heavy Duty Frame Tents
Heavy Duty Commercial Frame Tents for Sale

Our Frame Tents are the perfect tent for any event needs. Frame Tents have a unique skeleton like structure and metal legs that support the weight of the tent top allowing it to be set up on almost any surface.

Luxury Tents
Luxury Waterproof Tents For Festivals Uk

Superb Tent offers turn-key temporary structure solutions for your next entertainment production. Allow the resourceful and experienced staff at Superbtent help you build your next music or movie festival using a high performance structure designed to fit your specifications.

Luxury Polygon Tent
Luxury Polygon Tent With Special Design

Luxury Polygon Tent With Special Design

1.Special polygon roof design.

2.Large inside space, suitable for top grade event or playground and expo.

3.Roof and gable vent is available.

4.Relocatable, easy to install, dismantle and transport.

5.Easy to integrate heating and A/C

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Hospitals set up coronavirus tents/isolation tent/medical tent Hospitals set up coronavirus tents/isolation tent/medical tent Hospitals set up coronavirus tents/isolation tent/medical tent Hospitals set up coronavirus tents/isolation tent/medical tent

Hospitals set up coronavirus tents/isolation tent/medical tent

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    White red yellow blue green black transparent
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    Guangzhou or Shenzhen or Foshan seaport
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    25days after order confirmed

Chinese beat the Covid-19 measures

Use of temporary tents

Personal doing

During the outbreak of the Covid-19, we should cancel the mass activities such as group worship,

We must

stay at home.

Medical workers with epidemic card points are required at the entrance and exit of residence.

However, if we need to go out to buy living materials or do some necessary things, we need to take masks to go out, and when we come back, we need to carry out temperature detection and disinfection to control the infection of the virus.

There should be a centralized area for express delivery and takeout, which should be disinfected.

Government doing

When the people are unfortunately infected with the virus, we need to isolate them. Now there are too many epidemic cases. To distinguish between the mild patients and the severe patients, we need to establish Mobile cabin(fangcang hospital like Wuhan huoshenshan hospital) hospital for centralized isolation treatment for the mild patients.and special treatment for the severe patients in the temporary severe virus hospital;

In addition, field tents should be set up to keep suspected personnel in isolation;

We also need a special place to store a large number of medical supplies.

The main traffic arteries of the city should be closed and prevented, and the necessary passing vehicles should also be disinfected.

In remote areas, temporary fever clinics should be set up to treat and isolate the infected people in time.

All of these measures are the main way for China to contain the Covid-19 virus.

Certainly, we are not able to completely eliminate the Covid-19 virus at present. We need to take necessary measures, such as wearing masks at work, taking temperature, and having a special disinfection area.

When the above temporary tents are completely eliminated, we will be able to become the venue for activities,and there will be no waste.We have used the design and construction of these tents in Wuhan and other places.

If you need these tents, please contact us!

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