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Waterproof Event Tents
  • Modular Adjustable Floor
    • 2020-02-18 15:40:31

    1.Applicable to different terrains such as land, grassland and land surface; 2. Adjustable range: 0.13m--2.2m; 3. Quick installation, two people can install 100m² per hour; 4. Modular design, high-strength limit card, can install stairs or expand the stage, the structural strength is about 500kg per square meter; 5. Integrated design, using high-strength aluminum alloy, light and flexible; the flo...

  • Different Kinds Of Auto Show Tents
    • 2020-01-14 16:49:18

    No matter where it is, everyone's enthusiasm for the auto show has not decreased! In order to avoid the sun exposure and wind and rain damage, the tents has become an indispensable equipment of the auto show! In order to adapt to a variety of test drive experience, product display and other business activities, different types of tents have been customized, which has gradually become a strong symb...

  • Mexico Polygon Concert Tent
    • 2020-01-09 10:00:45

    This polygon concert tent has a white roof, with a top height of 8.3 meters and a side height of 4 meters. It is made of special hard wall materials on four sides, windproof, rainproof and flame-retardant. Taking the stage as the center and extending outwards, it achieves the extraordinary effect of gathering sound. The three-dimensional white ceiling above the central stage can not only ensure th...

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